The A.G.E.N.C.Y. Model

An Asset-Based Leadership Development Framework
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Community-Driven Empowerment

Transformational leadership is about empowering people to empower others. It is generative as it creates a type of ripple effect. This is what women do best when they are in positions of leadership. When they are emotionally healthy, they are inclusive, empathetic, and collaborative builders of community.

Mission Statement

Building the capacity of ordinary women to lead extraordinary change.

A Woman with Agency is…

Asset-aware: She knows how to capitalize on her current strengths, resources, and opportunities.
Growth-minded: She possesses a possibility mindset, rather than one fixed in a paradigm of scarcity.
Emotionally-intelligent: She takes responsibility for her personal health, habits, and behaviors.
Negotiation-driven: She proactively negotiates alternative outcomes to her circumstances.
Connectivity-focused: She builds win-win relationships and harnesses the power of her networks.
Yielded to a higher good: She is committed to a higher purpose in service of a greater good.  

Agency in Action

It doesn’t take much to empower a woman to turn her life around. A supportive community, some instruction and training, and just a bit of encouragement and validation of her worth and potential. Soon she’ll model that newfound agency to change the future of her family, and transform the economic landscape of her community.