Awakening Potential

in ordinary women to lead extraordinary change
6 Elements of Leadership Efficacy

Changing the World One Woman at a Time

All over the word, the poor and marginalized are dehumanized—most of whom are women.

Yet, when one of these women is supported, validated, and given an opportunity through training and a small amount of seed money to start an entrepreneurial endeavor, their community—and the world—is transformed. Why? Because an empowered woman will empower all those around her.

Singing the Praises of
Unsung Heroes

Women are the keepers of homes, the caretakers of children, the guardians of humane and compassionate values, and often the moral barometer of a community’s social fabric—valiantly making the most of what little they have for the sake of their families and communities.

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News & Current Events

News of places and people on the margins rarely finds its way into mainstream media . . . not only the tragic news, but also the heroic, hopeful, inspiring news. Stay informed of all the good happening in the world!

The Beauty of Ethiopia

I love this photo of a young woman cupping the future in her hands; a glimmer of hope in her eyes. She is there among a group of women who love and support her, led by a team of compassionately committed fellows who believe in and are advocating on behalf of her potential.

When both genders work together to transform their culture for the good of all its members, nothing is impossible. Tremendous potential is unlocked when a woman finds the support of a community, and through that support, the empowerment she needs to secure the future for herself and her children. 

Untold Stories

These are the local heroes and “sheroes” that have captured my heart and whose stories deserve to be told. It is an honor to sing the praises of these unsung women and men leading change in surprisingly simple, yet transformational ways.

Ending Subjugating

Fostering Economic

Untapping Hidden

For Love . . .

Sharing the love, the smiles, the joy, the hope, and the successes of those empowering women—and the women who are empowered—throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

The 3 Elements of Empowerment

1. Community 

I’ve listed community before “health & wellness” simply because without a community of support, health needs may never be identified nor addressed. A supportive community validates and affirms, which is the first step toward healing & wholeness.

2. Health & Wellness

Without basic health & wellbeing (such as shelter and safety), there will be no quality of life nor hope of establishing a sense of self-efficacy. Health & wellness are the foundation of a prosperous life.

3. Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Entrepreneurial opportunity empowers women to change the economic landscape of their lives and those of their children in an accelerated and transformative way. This is agency in action.

A World of Promise

The programs are proven, the leaders are committed, the need is enormous; all that is missing is your support. $115/month will establish a woman on the road to changing her world—and that of her children and her community